New User: Where to Begin and How to Get Up and Running Quickly (Your Assistance Please!)

Discussion created by John_George Employee on Apr 3, 2017

Dear CA UIM Community Members,


We are continually thinking about and looking for ways to improve the CA UIM product documentation. One improvement we would like to make is to develop content that helps a brand new CA UIM user know where to begin and how to get up and running quickly. Here's the scenario:


You have purchased the software. You did not purchase any services and none are provided. You are basically "on your own" to figure out where to begin, what to do, etc. to quickly stand up the product and start using it. You need some guidance to know where to begin and how to get up-and-running quickly.


We want to develop the best documentation solution for you, and would like the entire Communities input and feedback.


  • What specific steps did you take to stand up CA UIM and start using it? In what order did you complete those steps? Did you develop a custom "new user getting started checklist"? What steps are on that checklist and would you be willing to share it?
  • Did you watch the CA UIM videos on Youtube? Did they help you get up and running quickly? Which video(s) did you watch?
  • Did you take any CA UIM training from CA Technologies (free or otherwise)? If so, what specific training did you take?
  • Did you read any specific areas of the product documentation that were helpful in getting you started quickly? If so, what specific topics did you look at?
  • Did you find any resources on the IT Central Station website that helped you get up and running quickly? If not on IT Central Station, what other resources on what other site(s) helped you out? If so, please provide those links and tell us why they were helpful.
  • Did you reach out to members of this Community and did they help you? If so, please provide link(s) to those threads.
  • Did you find any resources on the CA UIM product-specific pages of that helped you get up and running quickly? If so, what are they?
  • Are there other resources not listed in this list here that you found useful? If so, what are they?


Any ideas, suggestions, resources, lessons, best practices, and/or tips that you have learned, would be willing to share, and would benefit current and/or future new CA UIM users would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you all in advance,    


The CA UIM Writing Team