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Prevent ongoing need for local admin rights for DevTest

Question asked by garyj0nes on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Joel NeSmith

Hello all,

We have many users with no admin access on the local computer and it causes a few issues with DevTest. That being said, is there a way to have multiple MASSL Certificates set up for Testers to use to test against the live applications without having to switch them under the folder C:\Program Files\CA\DevTest?


Can the location of the folder can be changed to a Network Drive or another folder on C drive which will not require local admin rights?


Several of our applications require a Mutual Authentication SSL Certificate for DevTest Workstation to connect to the application server and at any time there can be only one active MASSL Certificate. Each time MASSL Certificate needs it to be changed i.e. point to a different application, local admin rights are required to change the certificate in C:\Program Files\CA\DevTest. This may be needed as frequently as daily to be able to switch between different applications. This is a unique need when testing against live applications versus where as when using DevTest tests against virtual services, admin rights are not required.



Gary Jones