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SDM Change Order Classic Workflow

Question asked by JacquesGeldenhuys on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Brian_Mathato

Hi All


I have the "keep_tasks" option installed to not loose property information in Incident Management when changing the category.

However, this is also n problem in Change Orders where we use classic workflow when a change order category is changed, it keeps the previous category workflow (causing duplicated or incorrect workflow)


I'm looking for a way to prevent people from changing a change order category once it is logged.
Unless you know of a way to delete the previous category workflow when a new category is selected.


The way I thought of preventing people from changing the category in Change Orders was to create an 'update' data partition on the 'Change_Request' table which will look at the category if it had changed, in the following where clause.


This, however, does not want to save and have I tried various permutation of the where clause.


Table: Change_Request (Update)
category_prev = category


Thank you