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APM Investigator RegEx Search | Combine Agent with Metric

Question asked by MT13 on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by mparikh72

Is there a way to search investigator with RegEx that combines the AGENT with the RESOURCE and METRIC? So far I have been able to successfully search with RESOURCE and METRIC combination, but don't seem to be able to combine the AGENT too in the RegEx search string.


I want to run a search for -


SuperDomain|IL10p11111|WebSphere|IL10yyyyy038Cell02/XXXXCOE_JVM7|Backends|db2r on (DB2 DB):Responses Per Interval
SuperDomain|IL10p11111|WebSphere|IL10yyyyy038Cell02/XXXXCOE_JVM8|Backends|db2r on (DB2 DB):Responses Per Interval
SuperDomain|IL10p11111|WebSphere|IL10yyyyy038Cell02/XXXXCOE_JVM9|Backends|db2r on (DB2 DB):Responses Per Interval



Hostname = IL10p11111
Process = WebSphere
Agent = IL10yyyyy038Cell02/XXXXCOE_JVM8
Resource = Backends|db2r on (DB2 DB)
Metric = Responses Per Interval


I have been able to search with -


Backends\|db2r on tx-db2r-zzz\.internal\.abc-1155 \(DB2 DB\)\:Responses Per Interval


which gives me the metric across several hosts and JVMs. I want to make it further unique by adding the Agent so as to capture these JVMs.


Any suggestions? Thank you.