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Management of security permissions

Question asked by LLFox on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by urmas

My question is when are security permissions going to be reviewed and made more flexible in CA PPM?  Is this something that is addressed in 15.x.  Will we ever get more flexibility around setting permissions.


Unable to delete attachments in custom attribute in clarity On demand 14.4 version 


1. We would like users to be able to have edit permissions which do not include delete  (it is an audit requirement to ensure project or custom object records are not deleted - plus common sense)


2. We would like users to be able to remove attachments from a record that they have created, without giving full administration permissions to the object.


We are really backed into a corner as a business.   We are encouraging collaboration and we want our users to be able to edit records together but they should not be able to delete.  However, if we don't want to give them edit, then every time a record is created  (we have funding requests as a custom sub-object) then we have to introduce a counterproductive step of contacting an admin to give them access to the record.


The current approach is archaic and makes it difficult for us to run an efficient operation.   Please help!!