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Problem using ShowAlertMsg

Question asked by mayur.malhotra.1 on Apr 5, 2017
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There is a requirement to flash Banner if specific category with flag 1 is selected in Incident form.

So I have tried to use the below code in Detail form


<PDM_IF "$args.category.ztrigger" == "1">
showAlertMsg("Incident Area is Triggerable");

But While using these scripts, I am not able to use Quick Profile .

When Analyst click on Quick Profile Tab and he will search perticular user and tried to use the incident template and click new to create incident using the template then the user selected in previous step does not come in Incident Page.


This happens only when I use above code in Incident form.


Can anybody suggest Is there any other method to show alert or to change somewhere else so that user selected in Quick Profile Tab will be selected on clickign in Incident template.



Mayur Malhotra