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HTTP Errors page doesn't finish loading

Question asked by stoscano on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Hallett_German

Hello everyone, I am currently working in a POC of AXA with a client's webapplications. In the overall the integration is running ok but I have some pages that never finish loading. When we navigate to the Errors tab, and drill down to a specific http error to see the sessions that involve the error the page never finishes loading.



I have tested from different networks but the problem persists. 

I tested from networks without firewall or any other sort of restriction.

I have waited for long periods to see if it finishes loading but it doesn't.

I can't create support cases because for some reason I don't see AXA under the products categories, we have talked to our partner representative but we don't have a response. 

The integration is default it was done by adding the default snippet to the web application file.