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Configuring secondary server-Conventional Configuration

Question asked by Johnny_2302 on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by Johnny_2302

Hi Team,


We are on r14.1 and we have completed installation in the conventional configuration mode.

We have separate server for the mobility feature, for which we need to install the CA SDM as a secondary server. Can some1 please guide on how to add new secondary server.

As of now we have followed below steps:


1. Installed the Primary SD Server

2. Added the secondary server entry in the Server list from the Primary Server URL.

3. Installed the Secondary Server.

4. Added new configuration for the Primary server, wherein we added domsrvr/webengine pair for the secondary server.

(Refer How to set up a Service Desk Manager secondary server using the Administrator Web Interface? )

5. Ran pdm_configure on the primary server and selected above configuration name.


I have few queries as below:


1. When web.url is entered on the secondary server, which SD URL should open ( as of now its opening the Primary server's URL)

2. Does WSP work on secondary server? (as of now it is working)

3. If WSP works on secondary and if I'm doing Publish for the htmpl files, will it get reflected in the primary server? (In AA environment, if done from BG Server it replicates the changes on the rest of the application we have similar functionality in Conventional mode as well?)