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PKI authentication on the web portal

Question asked by nmm.nb on Apr 6, 2017
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Does anyone ever had to setup pki authentication on the web portal?

On the help page, it says that is possible to authenticate the clients with x.509 certificates:

"Xsuite also supports Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authentication by using X.509 certificates. Clients present their certificates to Xsuite, and Xsuite uses its internal certificate chain and a certificate revocation list (CRL) or OCSP to validate the user."


But it´s not clear how it's made...

I changed the Config->Security to enable PKI User Login. And , on the network capture, I see the portal sending an "certificate request" packet. But it seems to be requesting, to the client, certificates issued by "".

Is there a way to setup the portal to accept client certificates issued by an internal CA?

Is it possible to do pki authentication when the clients use CA PAM client ?

Thanks in advance

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