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How to populate Attributes for CAService desk CMDB using Soap service?

Question asked by BalaKrishnab4 on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by Chi_Chen

Hi Team,

I' m able to create the CMDB using createAsset() method.

StringHolder createAssetResult = new StringHolder();

StringHolder newAssetHandle = new StringHolder();

StringHolder newExtensionHandle = new StringHolder();

StringHolder newExtensionName = new StringHolder();

ArrayOfString attrVal1 = new ArrayOfString();

attrVal1.setString(new String[] { "name", "Test ci",

"class", "grc:1000157", "asset_count", "2", "description",

"Test ci for iimss", "location", "East Us", "repair_org",

"Infosys" });

ArrayOfString attr1 = new ArrayOfString();

attr1.setString(new String[0]);

usd.createAsset(sid, attrVal1, attr1, createAssetResult, newAssetHandle, newExtensionHandle, newExtensionName);

CI is created but not able to create location, Maintenance Organization  details. But I need to create the CI with these attributes.

Can you please help me How to populate the attributes like location, processer type, Maintenance Organization  details while creating the CMDB in CAServiceDesk using Soap service?