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Date format conversion & addition

Question asked by Arup.Acharya on Apr 7, 2017
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I have the below requirement which I am unsure of how best to handle. Please suggest. I am using DevTest 9.5.1.


Var1 date format = MM-YYYY (which I want to set to 1st day of the month, for example, if NOVEMBER 2014 then set to 2014-11-01)

Var 2  date format = YYYY-MM-DD

Once I convert var1 to var2 format then I have to do var2 + 5 years (in this case 2014-11-01 + 5 years)

Var3 date format = DD-MMM-YYYY

Again I need to convert (var2+5 years) to var3 format. That means 2019-11-01 should come as 01-NOV-2019