Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : What's the expected Syntax of the Registry Key KeepAgentConnections when configuring the Registry on Unix / Linux Policy Server ?

Discussion created by Patrick-Dussault Employee on Apr 7, 2017



From readme file ps-12_0-sp3-cr012-readme.txt, I can find the below registry to configure, but how can I complete the syntax and where should I put it?


  Set this to 0x1 and the Policy Server will not close connections that are older than 6 hours."

Policy Server 12.52SP1CR02 on RedHat 6;




       You need to set the key at the end of the key path as shown here :


       Acct Tcp Port= 0xad99; REG_DWORD
       KeepAgentConnections= 0x1; REG_DWORD


       Note that this registry key should not be put at the very end of the file !


KB : TEC1569237