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URGENT - How to capture invalid request object if VSM failing at HTTP Listen Step(  java.lang.IllegalArgumentException)

Question asked by vinit.malhotra on Apr 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by LawrenceDillard76044264

Hello All,


I am facing a challenge in my project. Application is sending request to HTTP service of lisa developed in 7.5 Version. Its a simple service with 1 Request Response pair.

Sometimes application is sending correct request and we are able to respond, sometimes we are getting error at HTTP/Listen step as mentioned below.


Application team can see proper XML in their application logs and they are saying its not their fault, there is some fault in lisa service. But We can clearly see that something didnt came proper to lisa thats why we got below mentioned error.


Support :- I need to know is there a way i can capture what reached to service? I cant see anything in the LISA server logs. I need to capture what is coming to our service which is causing this failure so that we can proove that their application is not sending correct well formed request object to us. 


Since the step is failing at listen step only and then test is aborted, I cant run any filter to capture the request object. Shall i create service on Dev test 9.5, will it help me to capture in some different manner? Not sure what needs to be done here.

| java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Incoming request is not HTTP.
| Step:        HTTP/S Listen
| Message:     Incoming request is not HTTP.
| Trapped Exception: Incoming request is not HTTP.
| Trapped Message:   java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Incoming request is not HTTP.