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Scheduling functionality is not working in Jaspersoft

Question asked by Agin on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by vtleogal2

Hi All,



We have many custom folders in Jaspersoft. We have make those custom folders under 'organization' instead of CA PPM.

For each custom folder, we have created custom role. (Lets take an example, we have a business called 'X' and it have role like, cfo, pso, rm, im. Each roles have access to different report. hence we have created folder 'X' under organization and subfolders as 'X- CFO', 'X- PSO',' X -RM', 'X-IM', and created role as 'X- CFO', 'X- PSO',' X -RM', 'X-IM')


For 'organization', we have given role_user has read only access. all our custom roles have no access.

then for our folder 'X', roles like  'X- CFO', 'X- PSO',' X -RM', 'X-IM' has given read only, but role_user was giiven ' no access'

And for each  custom subfolder 'X- CFO', 'X- PSO',' X -RM', 'X-IM' were given 'Read+Write' access. and all custom report file was given 'read only' 


Now users having roles 'role_user' and custom roles (like 'X-CFO') is not able to schedule report, but can run in immediate mode.



getting error as below.


You do not have permission to view this page.

Please contact your system administrator or log in as a user with permission.


As an administrator, i can schedule reports.

Jaspersoft details:

JaaS Release Version = 2.2.1
JaaS Build Number = 54
JasperSoft Version = JasperReport Server 6.2.1 Enterprise (20160322_0602)
CA PPM Jaspersoft Release Version = 5.2.1
CA PPM Jaspersoft Build Number = 54
CA PPM Jaspersoft Release Patch Version =
CA PPM Jaspersoft Patch Build Number = 6


Could anyone please help to fix the same ?