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Error updating an Idea with XOG

Question asked by CarlosBirlainSelfa82333808 on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by CarlosBirlainSelfa82333808

I am trying to modify a field of several ideas with XOG, the field I want to modify is "initiatorUserName". But in response, it gives me an error related to the "financialDepartment" field. This field does not modify it, I leave it just as it returns the read XOG. The error message is as follows:
<Severity> FATAL </ Severity>
         <Description> XOG-3656: Investment Object operation failed: update </ Description>
         <Exception> <! [CDATA [CMN-0013: The value of the 'odf_obs_fin_dept' attribute is out of range.]]> </ Exception>
Does anyone know why this happens?
Thank you so much