Tech Tip: CA IDMS Where are the VSAM return codes in error message DC205006?

Discussion created by baije01 Employee on Apr 11, 2017


When using native VSAM files, if there are any VSAM errors, these are displayed in error message DC205006:

DC205006 NVSAM ERR - program-name FDBK=feedback-code R15=vsam-return-code
NVST=status-code R0=vsam-reg0-code NVERR=nverr-code DDN=file-ddname AREA=area-name SET=set-name

The DC205006 message description in indicates the VSAM feedback-code, vsam-return-code, and vsam-reg0-code are documented in the appropriate VSAM manual.

What IBM manual contains these VSAM codes?



The VSAM codes are documented in the section VSAM Macro Return and Reason Codes in the manual z/OS DFSMS Macro Instructions for Data Sets. 

Here is a link to it in the IBM Knowledge Center: