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How to get Master parent node details from CA Agile Central/Rally

Question asked by SanjayCh on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by davse04

I am trying to get master parent when I pass sub child ID like below

Request storiesRequest1 = new Request(leastchildId);
storiesRequest1.Query = new Query("State", Query.Operator.Equals, "Open");
storiesRequest1.ProjectScopeUp = true;
storiesRequest1.ProjectScopeDown = true;
storiesRequest1.Order = "Name";
storiesRequest1.Fetch = new List<string>()
  QueryResult queryStoryResults1 = restApi.Query(storiesRequest1);

  rst = queryStoryResults1.jsonResult;

In above case , I am only getting parent node of passed ID, I want to get master Parent

A - Need to Get this Parent ID
2a -
2b -
2.1a - Passing child ID

Please help me to get this.