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Operation name is not recorded correctly while creating a SOAP virtual service using RR pairs

Question asked by k12345 on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by gadpr08



I am trying to create a soap virtual service using RR pairs but whenever I create transactions operation name in body tag is not displayed , instead Envelope is recorded as transaction name. Any ideas on this ? 


1. I have only configured only Request side protocols - a) Generic XML payload parser b) XML data protocol c) Web-services SOAP d) Web service SOAP Header.

2. I selected Operation name in body tag and mark the current xpath as Operation , in Conversation list window .


When I create virtual serice , in VSI I see transaction named as Envelope (guess which is taken from SOAP request xml)  instead of operation name, let me know if I am missing any step or any wrong step ?