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Magic string not working, what's wrong ?

Question asked by Benoit_B on Apr 12, 2017
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Today I have a virtual service that don't want to work with magic string.

It is SAOP based protocol. The answer contains the row : 

<ns3:extra info="{{=request_offres_formation_organisme-formation-responsable_SIRET-organisme-formation_SIRET;/*-1*/}}" id="CPF-nir"/>

The request contains field "offres_formation_organisme-formation-responsable_SIRET-organisme-formation_SIRET" and matches is done (perfectly) on this field.

But the answer return -1 and not the field's value.

In "request data" area, "magic string" is checked.


On other virtual service done (based on REST/JSON) it does work. 

Did I miss something ?