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MSP XML Interface Stalling on 15.2

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by Dale_Stockman

Running 15.2, MSP2016, XML Interface.


First, the interface works!  Cool!  On simple, single projects, milestones only, project opens in MSP in about 5 seconds.  Sweet!  I can create tasks, assign resources, save changes back to CA PPM, the assigned hours in MSP and CA PPM match....all good.




Our projects are rarely simple, and we have a lot of bad Gantt history, where our projects were only used for milestone tracking and booking to one or a couple tasks - dozens of resources, for a year or more.  And, we also have parent projects with multiple child projects.


The legacy MSP Interface always had a problem with this, waited eagerly for the XML based solution.


Current testing shows, using scenario described above:


  • "Resolving projects" when exporting a hierarchy takes several minutes
  • Then, after 10's of minutes,
    • screen goes white,
    • hourglass mouse image appears when hovering over this white space,
    • WINPROJ.EXE is taking 25% of CPU (so, still running, though "not responding" is shown) and using 409 MB of memory (computer has 16 GB) 
  • Same project hierarchy opens in CA PPM Gantt in seconds
  • Current hierarchy I'm testing has been opening for 40 minutes, with half that time spent in 'white screen' mode


Any one else seeing this?  Any advice (besides "Quit using MSP!)?