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JAVA SDK - Request return code

Question asked by Thomas GENTILHOMME Champion on Apr 13, 2017
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Do we have a way with the JAVA SDK to retrieve the return code of the request like we do for all others SDK ? (C,Perl,.Net etc..).


Like this : 


RC = request('...blabla'); 

if(RC == CONSTANT) { 


Where the constant is the return code numbers.


If i take the example from the JAVA SDK documentation :


      PDS pds = new PDS();       pds.put("id",84);       pds.put("text","alfa");       NimRequest request = new NimRequest("myname","test_mymethod",pds);         PDS pdsret = request.send();

Even with a try / catch, if the request fail my catch block is not executed ( experienced on my latest JAVA probe ).

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