CA Mobile API Gateway v4.0 Released!

Discussion created by oakbi01 Employee on Apr 13, 2017


I'm excited to let you know that CA Mobile API Gateway v4.0 is now available!  There's quite a few "under the hood" improvements, but there's some pretty cool new features that developers, administrators, and architects will definitely appreciate:


  • Real-time dynamic SDK configuration:  Yeah, that's a mouthful.  BUT...what it means is that an administrator can update the mobile SDK have it update the SDK configuration automatically - meaning you don't have to rebuild and redeploy apps utilizing said SDK.  THAT....is a time-saver!
  • Developer Console Support:  this is oriented towards CA Mobile App Services (you DO know that's included now with CA Mobile API Gateway, right?), but it means there's now a single webUI for alll CA Mobile App Services configurations - definitely a better experience.
  • And finally, the cool one - Cordova SDK for CA Mobile App Services!  This means you can now use Cordova to extend supported services to developers building hybrid mobile applications using Cordova....nice!


As I mentioned, there's a bunch of other improvements too, but these are the ones that'll rock your world.


Any questions, don't hesitate to ask, as always.....