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Url_response probe profile name field behavior

Question asked by cduryea on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by Gene_Howard

UIM 8.5.1

The url_response probe (4.41), when creating profiles the profile name field has some behavioral issues.


1. If you paste a name in this field that contains special characters or spaces it cuts off the last character. To get around this you must add a space to the end of the name before copying and pasting into the profile name field. 


2. While creating a profile name, if the name contains spaces or special characters and you backspace a character or more the profile name field will not allow you to enter any additional characters. 


If i paste a name in this field containing spaces or special characters and save it, it works just fine as a profile name. No other issues experienced running this way. 


Has as anyone else experienced this?  I presume this is not intended behavior.