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Action Macro to skip WF Task

Question asked by Manirul_Hak on Apr 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by thiagojoseoliveira

Hi All,

Please provide the action macro that needs to upload to change the  WF task Status to SKIP if the Change Order Type is Standard.

Meanwhile when I am using this condition Change Type= Standard, no action is triggering if I add some action macro on above screen.So just to verify whether this condition is fine(I have created an Activity Association for Change Type with activity type Field update)


Scenario 2: I want to change the Change Order Status to Approved when a Particular Approval Task is in Approve state .

For that I tried to add an action macro, but could not see dropdown for Change Order



I was thinking to add the below Action Macro but I could not find dropdown to select Change Order Action Macro.


So how can I achieve that.


Please help.


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