PAM Client fails to work after 2.8.2 upgrade

Discussion created by voged01 Employee on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by Joseph_Lutz

Following the upgrade to 2.8.2, and the corresponding PAM Client, the PAM client no longer launches for some people.  Once this happens there is no option other than deleting and reinstalling the PAM Client.  This includes the requirement that the folder be removed moved as well.  We have received HotFix, which prevents the problem from happening for people who are first connecting to 2.8.2.  It will not solve the problem for those who have already connect 2.8.2.  It must be first removed and then reinstalled.  The person who makes our patches available via the Support Portal is not working today.  We should be able to get it posted by Monday.  Please open a Support ticket if you need it sooner.