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swing box approach

Question asked by Johnny_2302 on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by Alex_Perretti

Hi Team,

We are using Swingbox approach to upgrade from r12.6 to r14.1 system. We have the following environments:

1.) Swingbox(SB) Env
1 Primary Application Server
1 dB server

2.) Production Env
1 Primary Server
2 Secondary server ( for Mobility & XFlow Interface respectively)
1 Boxi Server
1 dB server

In production env we have already installed vanilla r14.1. So as per our plan, post upgrading the to r14.1 in SB, we'll upgrade the SQL to latest version as well, then move this mdb to the production environment. I have below queries:

1. We'll install the latest SDM patches in the production environment-
So what should be the approach be, to install the r14.1.03 patch.
Since we have separate servers for Xflow analyst, can we install only the required features of 14.1.03 in Primary server & mobility?
Do we have to install patch in all the servers or just the xFlow server.