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Transaction adjustment through XOG

Question asked by Thenmozhi_Clarity on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by Thenmozhi_Clarity

Hi All,


I am new to XOG.

I am trying to adjust Transaction via XOG in by giving minus values to Actal cost .But if i run Post to wip job, the actuals are getting added instead of Reducing.


<Transaction chargeCode="iscapex" chargeable="1" inputTypeCode="Du_NE_Input_TC" projectID="D1NESASP 1676"
resourceID="Dummy_NE_Resource" taskID="5062087" externalID="NE_W2"
transactionDate="2017-04-19" transactionType="X" units="-1" actualCostRate="-500" importStatus="N"
actualCostRateCurrency="EUR" billRate="-500" billRateCurrency="EUR"
groupId="1" voucherNumber="W20007" >


Can some one help me on this.