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I'm XOGing in a process with an action that performs Post To WIP. I've set multiple values for the Entry Type & Transaction Type.  However, all but the last value for each parameter is being ignored.  How can I fix this?

Question asked by TANESSARICHARDSON82305800 on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by TANESSARICHARDSON82305800

            <Action code="posttowip" jobDefinitionCode="POST_TO_WIP" synchronized="true" type="BPM_SAT_JOB">
              <nls description="Post all transaction types for all entry types EXCEPT labor" languageCode="en" name="Post to WIP"/>
                <Param name="param_inv_obs"/>
                <Param name="param_entry_type" value="52"/>
                <Param name="param_entry_type" value="50"/>
                <Param name="param_entry_type" value="53"/>
                <Param name="param_txn_type" value="EQUIPMENT"/>
                <Param name="param_txn_type" value="EXPENSE"/>
                <Param name="param_txn_type" value="MATERIAL"/>
                <Param name="param_txn_type" value="LABOR"/>
                <Param name="param_from_txn_date"/>
                <Param name="param_to_txn_date"/>
                <Param name="param_post_options" value="POST_TO_WIP"/>
              <Notifications notifyOwner="false">
                <NotifyWhen stepActionInError="false" stepActionPerformed="false"/>


So based on the above, when I view the process after the XOG, the only Entry Type selected is "Voucher Other" and the only Transaction Type selected is "LABOR".