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CA SDM secondaries problem

Question asked by cdtj Champion on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by La-Qa

Hello community,

one of my customers are still on old good CA SDM 12.7 CP2, they have Primary server and 2 Secondaries, each server have domsrvr and webengine all that stuff balanced via single web director, but from this week they are facing few problems that can be resolved only by recycling SDM service:


1. objects lock:

Trying to update object (ticket typed or simple like contact or rootcause) causes system lock which is not presented in system locks list, displayed errors are different from regular "Ticket locked by <CONTACT>. Phone, etc..." up to "Reject set_val for <PERSID>; pre_val triggers already in progress";


2. unable to login:

Another problem is that users can't login to the system, accessing SDM via URL causes infinite loading, tried to access via IIS (default) or tomcat from port 8080. But users that already logged in can use service without any problems, create and update objects, refresh pages. I checked stdlogs but no errors appeared.


Any suggestions?


PS: Upgrade to 12.9 were planned on 2015 but we they are still on 12.7.