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Facing error with DevTest TestRunner -mar option

Question asked by nikhivs on Apr 20, 2017
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I am trying to run testrunner with mar file. But I am getting the exist code 255 <Internal Error>. I am giving below command in the CMD

C:\DevTest9.0\bin>     TestRunner -a -u test-p test -mar C:\Tests\Suites\AllTestsSuite.mar -m tcp://<servername>/Registry -config C:\Test\Configs\project.config


Can you please confirm if anything wrong with above command line? I believe 255 refers to BAD PARAMETERS in the command line


I am getting below as the response whenever I execute this command line

Locale: en_US
Setting System.out and System.err to: Cp1252
LISA_HOME set to C:\DevTest9.0\bin
DevTest temporary directory is C:\lisatmp_9.0.0
Configuring logging from 'C:\DevTest9.0\bin\'
DevTest Solutions, Copyright (c) 2002-2017 CA, All rights reserved.
DevTest Test Runner - Stage and Execute Test Cases
DevTest Solutions Version :: 9.0.0 (
Installed patches: none

To execute a ModelARchive (mar, for tests or suites), use
TestRunner [options] [-mar | --mar] <marFile>

To execute a single test
TestRunner [options] [-t | --testCase] <TestCaseDocName>

To stage a test suite
TestRunner [options] [-s | --testSuite] <SuiteDocName>

To specify the TestRegistry to use
-m <TestRegistryName> | --testRegistry <TestRegistryName>

To specify the Coordinator to use
-cs <CoordinatorServerName> | --coordinatorService <CoordinatorServerName>

(To stage locally, specify neither a Coordinator nor a TestRegistry)

To specify the Lab to use
-l <LabName> | --labName <LabName>

To specify the Staging Document to use
-r <StagingDocName> | --stagingDoc <StagingDocName>
(defaults to 1 user, 1 cycle, 100% think time, default reporting)

To specify the Configuration to use
-config <configurationFileName> | --configFile <configurationFileName>

To auto-start the test so you do not have to hit [ENTER]
-a | --autoStart

To write an HTML report (not supported for test suites)
-html <reportFileName> | --html <reportFileName>

To change the update interval from the default of 5 seconds
-i <NumberOfSeconds> | --interval <NumberOfSeconds> | --update <NumberOfSeconds>

To pass user credentials to a security enabled system, provide both username and password options
-u <username> | --user <username> and -p <password> | --password <password>

To output the version number

To print this usage message
-h | --help

0 : all tests passed
1..n : n tests failed (up to a max of 250)
253 : License failure
254 : No TestRegistry found
255 : Bad parameters

Run the multi-tier-combo test with the default 1-user, 1-time staging document:
TestRunner -t LISA_HOME/examples/Tests/multi-tier-combo.tst

Run the suite AllTestsSuite locally:
TestRunner -s LISA_HOME/examples/Suites/AllTestsSuite.ste

Run the suite AllTestsSuite on a TestRegistry running on another machine (the registry will assign a cooor server>
TestRunner -s LISA_HOME/examples/Suites/AllTestsSuite.ste -m somemachine/Registry
Config file and MAR file are mutually exclusive options.

Exiting with exit code 255 (INTERNAL ERROR)


Appreciate any help!