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Windows 10/Flowdock app is experiencing terrible performance issues

Question asked by RandyONeal1361808 on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2018 by KimAbbott1357028

Been using Flowdock for a couple years now, currently running v1.0.2 of the Windows app.  I'm on a new Dell laptop running Windows 10 Enterprise, running a 64-bit processor w/16 GB memory.  Starting a week or two ago, I began experiencing terrible performance issues, all associated with Flowdock.  At first, things are just fine... but then system resources begin to bog down... so much so that it takes 10-30 seconds for a click on the Flowdock app for it to respond.  Clicking in the input box and typing... the characters would eventually show up.  Other apps on the system seem to work fine, though after a while, the entire system would slow.  Checking the resources, Flowdock is rapidly using significant amounts of memory and CPU; killing the app would restore the performance of the overall system.


I've tried rebooting, closing and re-opening Flowdock, and several other things... all to no avail.  Is there a newer version of the app which is better suited for Windows 10?  Have there been changes made somewhere which would account for this?  I'm just about to ditch the app and only run Flowdock via the web interface... it is just that bad.


Please advise...