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SDM 14.1.03 - Multiple mailboxes and multiple 'Reply-To" addresses

Question asked by J_W on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by jmayer

SDM 14.1.03 (no xFlow or multi-tenancy) integrated with  PAM 4.3.1


Customer wants to have different email addresses published for different service offerings / customers and then create / update the appropriate ticket in SDM.  The replies need to have a Reply-To of the same address as the one published.


For example, for IT related requests the customer would use  "" but for HR requests they would use "" and for account management: "".  These may be internal or external customers and may be tenanted.


I haven't found a way of doing this in SDM by creating new notification methods and updating contact records to use this method for the Reply-To.  The issue is that the same contact may use different email addresses because they may use multiple services.


We are already using the maileater in SDM to handle IT tickets with multiple mailboxes for routing based on the incoming address.  The requirement is for users not to have to specify any specific tokens\keywords in the subject or body. Once a ticket is created, they receive email from SDM with the same global Reply-To address.  Fortunately, when the customer replies to these email the text_api just links to the specific ticket and doesn't know or care about the original email address.  I thought about creating new custom notification 'levels' on the contact record beyond the current Low, Normal, High, and Emergency, e.g. "IT, HR, CustomerCare" and then have the incoming mail rule to use that notification level.  Has anyone done this?


We have PAM available, but looking over the Mail Trigger, it appears to be limited to one mailbox.  I was wondering if we can configure our email system to use one mailbox with aliases to the 'service' address and then have PAM monitor the actual mailbox and then parse the 'To' address alias and take actions based on that?  Or actually monitor multiple mailboxes?  PAM could format any replies with the appropriate 'Reply-To' address and the email server / proxy would send this as formatted?  Even if this is possible, the show stopper to me is that we then have to run all SDM notifications through PAM since it cannot handle the multiple 'Reply-To' address issues.


I'm trying to find and vote up as many Ideas on this but wondered if anyone (e.g. MSP's) has come up with a solution for this they are able to share.