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Portal not showing proper request response pair!

Question asked by GoT on Apr 20, 2017
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I'm trying to stage a test suite/case with record request/ response set to true. However, when I check in the reporting section of the portal, I'm unable to see the response in many of the test steps. I do see the response section and for some steps (maybe 2-3 out to 20) I do see both request and response. 

What could be causing this issue. It works sometimes but mostly I am observing the same behaviour. 


Also, in the monitor section, for a deployed virtual service, it keeps on saying no request found for most of the time, but when checked in the logs there was a match and I do get the response from that service. Again, I see this behaviour very often. However, sometimes I do get the request and selected response displayed. 


Can someone please help here?


Thanks in advance.