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Discussion created by gjshen on Apr 21, 2017
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Hey I know this is an old thread. But, I am looking for something similar. 

For example if there is a leaky object what dose the Size indicate, in this case I would make the assumption that is is bytes or MB. 


For Number of Tracked Collections values such as 76.7 k doesn't mean a lot to me. In the documentation I found 



  • LeakHunter:Tracked Collection Allocated Rate -- Number of new collections that are allocated per second. This metric is reported to the Enterprise Manager every 15-second interval.
  • LeakHunter:Tracked Collection Count -- Number of collections that are examined in the instrumented application since LeakHunter started running until the timeout period expires. After the timeout period expires, LeakHunter stops looking for potential leaks in newly allocated collections. But LeakHunter continues to monitor collections that were previously identified as potential leaks.



But the graph is labeled "Number of Tracked Collections" does tell me if it is Allocation Rate or Count or neither. 


I guess what I am really looking for is an interpretation guide.