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Remove Progress Output From XOG Client

Question asked by irtiza.rizvi on Apr 23, 2017
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I am running the XOG client from a Groovy script that runs the following command line argument:


/tmp/xogclient/bin/xog -propertyfile /tmp/xogclient/bin/ -input /tmp/xogclient/xml/prj_projects_read.xml


I want to be able to parse the XML output, but the problem is the XOG client prints out progress as it's printing the output, such as " *********** 52.0% Completed [ 28 of 54 ] ***********"  Sometimes this progress output happens in the middle of an XML tag, like

<scenariodependenci ***********="" 80.0%="" completed="" [="" 43="" of="" 54="" ]="" es=""></scenariodependenci>.


This throws off the XML parser.  Is there a way to turn off progress output when running the XOG client via command line?