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Timeslicing job causes the DB Lock

Question asked by shalinee on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by shalinee


We are experiencing issue in Out of the box Time Slicing job. In our setup this jobs runs on every minute. The job is working fine on most of the time however we have noticed mostly on month end or sometimes on timesheet weekending(which Thursday in our setup) day at 12 AM it shows time slicing job instance is processing and never finished after 12 AM until I cancel the timeslicing jobs manually.


This also  causes ks on INV_INVESTMENTS table and multiple other related tables. Later it impacts to all end users and they can not perform any UML operation on INV_Investment tables in Clarity Application .

Example:Create, Save and Submit will not work on any of the investment however resource update, timesheets and other features are working.


The is happening since many months and we are in unable to re-produce the same behavior in our Dev, QA instance. Our production is currently on old version 12.1.3 with MS SQL Server 2008. WE have cluster environment and using multi-casting and F5 Hardware load balancing and SSO setup.


Our Dev and QA instances are on CA PPM 14.2 SP 11 and MS SQL 2008. Our production go live is soon in coming weeks. We did not see any error in logs at that time.

Please see the definition of timeslice setup in our instance...



Any suggestion is much appreciated!