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Run_Script Operator - "Parameters" string truncated at the space character?

Question asked by fjkaplan on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2017 by Lindsay_Estabrooks

I have a Run_Script Operator that is passing in a single parameter (Parameter 0). 


The parameter is JSON text, which has been formatted with (extra) escape characters to work with cURL for Windows.  Defined in PAM as follows:


Process.jsonStringWithSpaces = "{\\\"event\\\":{\\\"phrase\\\":\\\"thequickbrownfoxjumpedoverthelazydog\\\",\\\"phraseTwo\\\":\\\"the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog\\\"}}";


Debugged in PAM as follows:

{\"event\":{\"phrase\":\"thequickbrownfoxjumpedoverthelazydog\",\"phraseTwo\":\"the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog\"}}


When echoed out at the BAT file level:

echo %~1


I only see the following text:



So, two (2) things happened on the way from PAM to BAT:

  1. lost all of the slash characters (\)
  2. everything after the space ( ) got truncated


Can anyone tell me how to overcome these limitations when passing a string from PAM to a Windows BAT file?


[Note: Process Automation 4.3.100 SP01]