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Query build doubts

Question asked by RubensSaadJunior76044025 on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by RubensSaadJunior76044025

I'm having a question to build a query.
In an investment of type program, I have two tabs, in one I have 3 records: A, B, C. In the second tab I need to bring in a query these same three records. However, you can not bring records of other projects. That is, the query should be referring to the investment in question. I made the following query, but it is not bringing any results:


      FROM   (
      select, from inv_investments inv, odf_ca_obj_roamap r
       where r.odf_parent_id = @where:param:xml:integer:/data/id/@value@
         and = r.odf_parent_id
         and inv.is_active = 1
         ) p
Does anyone know how to solve it?