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Unable to locate Management UI dsa in Topology section in CA Directory Manager console

Question asked by kannan.jayaraman on Apr 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Pasquale_Russo

HI Team,


We have installed the R12.6 CA Directory setup on both the hosts and enabled the MW replication by following this doc (, but we are facing that "los" exception error on both CA Directory Management UI Console . Have verified all the steps in depth by verifying the doc.


So then I have tried to uninstall both CA Directory Setup and reinstalled the same on both hosts. Post installation of the setup on both hosts, I am unable to locate the management UI dsa in the topology section in both console.

Due to this I am unable to create managed dsa in console. And also I don't find any document related to GUI setup in Google.


Can you please help me to resolve this issue asap?


Any help would be really appreciated.