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I recently create a GITHUB Organization where anybody from the community can ask to create a project or contribute to an existant projects.


When i started working on UIM as developer, i was lost to find good documentations or any projects source to get a better view on how the product work. And official documentation are very old and ugly and many times not complete at all. (Like Java SDK or Perl SDK). 


The only thing to save your life is the code wizard (When you have someone to tell you !). 


So this is why i think this kind of projects is a good idea ( a repository base with many projects and many examples ). With  the issues board of github for any problems. 


UIM-Community · GitHub 


Some of my projects are already attached to the repository : 


- NodeUIM ( NodeJS binding for pu.exe ).

- Lua-codebase ( Code base for lua scriptings ).

- Perl-SDK (Complete Perl SDK documentation).

- Node-SDK (My upcomming Node8 async interface of C SDK).

- Perluim5 (Perluim V5 for Perl SDK).


Note : I'm working on the Perl SDK documentation  


All repository can be checked by url like this :


I'm going to rewrite the C SDK documentation too (good way to learn more for the NodeJS SDK).


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