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Policy Deployment and route load on a selected nodes

Question asked by Kareem.shaik7 on Apr 25, 2017
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can we deploy policies and route load on a selected node in a cluster?


Assume there is 4 node API Gateway cluster. 

And there are two policies A & B in Dev environment. 

When we migrate Policy A, it would be available on all the nodes.

And for Policy B, we want to deploy only to nodes 3 and 4. Is this achievable?


Routing Load to specific nodes:


In four node cluster Gateway, we would want to route traffic only to node 3 and 4 during peak loads (timing and duration of peak load are known). 


Rational behind the question:


Our Gateway is used by multiple vendors, assume A, B, C

One of the third-party systems integrated with vendors via API Gateway. Let's consider 1A is the 3rd party system.

Periodically (once in 3 months) we have to do data migration from vendor A to 3rd party system 1A which takes data only via API. 


So during data migration period (24 Hrs), the load would be very high and this should not impact other vendors who would be using different APIs. 


So we are trying to explore multiple options. 

Once of them is:

a) Deploy migration related APIs to specific nodes. 

b) Route the migration load to those nodes


Can this be achievable? 


this might be a stupid question but we are just exploring different options. Please guide us.