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SC - ¿Custom status in "Status on approval" configuring Offerings?

Question asked by jellopis on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by Maheshwar_Kusuma



I have a doubt with the catalog configuration, let's see if anyone can help me :-)


I'm configuring in Catalog the details of the Service Offerings, when I modify the approval level in any of them, the next field is "Status on Approval".

I have two options: "fulfilled" and "pending fulfillment", but the custom options doesn't appear.


<!-- 1100 to 1899 can be used for custom fulfillment status -->
<!-- 1900 and above is reserved -->
<st_1999>Fulfillment Cancelled</st_1999>


So, if the user auth level is upper than approval level, I can't choose my custom status.


Same if the auth level is lesser, the request is "pending approval" status, I don't find any option to modify it with my custom status.