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Cost Type Task Inheritance Questions.

Question asked by minormjr on Apr 25, 2017
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Hope all is well. I have a couple of questions about Cost Type Task Inheritance. We just migrated to using Cost Type instead of Charge Code.


Example (See below screenshot):

  • The Cost Type attribute for the investment is set to Operating.
  • The investment has a parent task/activity (Testing Prep) with a cost type of Operating.
  • The parent task has two children tasks: Task 1/Develop Test Cases has a cost type of Operating and Task 2/Test op 2 has no cost type selected.


  1. In this case, Develop Test Cases has Operating specified. Shouldn’t Test op 2 inherit the cost type Operating from its parent task? 
  2.  Also will the UI populate the Task (Test op 2) with the parents charge code. 
  3. How does this appear on BOXI report for the Task 2/Test op 2 (WBS Level 2)? Will it be blank, or populated with Level Task 1/Develop Test Cases value (same as WIP transaction screen)?


WBS Example


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