Dynamically Populate CA SDM Category Properties onto a USS form to the end user

Discussion created by AndriesJNel on Apr 26, 2017
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Hi Everyone,


While waiting / hoping for this to be including in a future release I have developed a fully working and fully dynamic integration on Catalog Forms / USS to dynamically retrieve and display the category properties from CA SDM on to the catalog/uss forms to the end user. 


I display a list of desired, or all categories to the end user in a drop down / select list - using the ootb ca_sdm_category field/lookup but with a modified report function.


When the user selects a category from the list then using Catalog Reports and some javascript in the form i go and fetch all the properties associated to that category, I determine the sequence and the type of proeprty (text, Validation Rule/Drop down etc) and I dynamically display the properties including all validation rule values / drop down values to the end user to populate. This caters for up to 20 dynamic properties per category.


If the user then selects a different category from the drop down list then all the properties clear/reset and the process starts over. 


When the user submits the ticket then using a PAM workflow i log the R/I/P in CA SDM and populate all of the properties.


All in all this is a working solution which can be very quickly duplicated/expanded to make displaying SDM category properties dynamically and reliably to the the end users on USS to complete, irrespective of the category and how many categories are in the list to the user.


This resolved the issue in the below post/idea 


 Bring R/I/P properties functionality on Unified Self Service interface.