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Question asked by Johnny_2302 on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by Alex_Perretti

Hi team,


We have 1 primary server and we have configured a secondary server for mobility.

We don't connect to service desk from the secondary server. As of now, when trying to connect the mobile URL it say page cannot be displayed. I can see the casdm folder under the CATALINARest folder under bopcfg, which I believe means the .war files are deployed. I ran a pdm_configure as well but we are not able to connect the URL.


Do we have to

1. Explicitly add a configuration from the Administration tab for the primary server

2. In the additional process tab, for secondary hostname, include the RESTWEBService?

3. Run pdm_configure on primary


Or can we Add new configuration for secondary hostname with additional Restwebservice and run pdm_configure on secondary?


if we have to follow the first scenario, then will the webservice URL i.e. USD_R11_WebService?wsdl will it work on primary or will it get moved onto the secondary server?