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APM 9.7.1: Swap Alert: caution set to 40 and Periods Over Threshold 1 and observered periods 240

Question asked by patrickjo44 on Apr 26, 2017
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I have created an alert for swap space used, I have my alert set for Caution at 40.

Comparison Operator is "Greater Than", Trigger Alert Notification is "When severity increases"

I set the Periods Over Threshold to 1 and the Observed periods to 240. I also hit the "apply" button

at the top of the hour.


My question now is, I did get an alert / email that I expected, except when I view the graph, the alert hits when the

swap first jumped over the 40% in use, and I want it to trip when it is over 40% for an hour. Is the alert checking or resetting itself on the top of each hour?


Feedback welcome,

Pat O'Connor