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ETC Deployment Question

Question asked by Daniel_Barkho on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by musma03

Hey All,


Have a couple of questions regarding the deployment of an ETC. We have a situation where we have a provider that runs as a hybrid cluster as you may call it. It collects both Prod and Non-Prod Data. 

We are looking to deploy a separate Prod and Non-Prod ETC.

Is there any way for a provider to report to two masters? i.e. that one cluster with both Prod and Non-prod data report to both the Prod ETC and Non-Prod ETC? From what I can see the answer is no, but worth asking.

I'm also assuming that there is no way to connect a collector to an ETC? It is all based on team center integrations?