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Summary Totals in DWH - is this really functioning as designed?

Question asked by vtleogal2 on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by vtleogal2

When creating Ad hoc views, selecting the project domain, add project name, id and then summary totals (measurements)

In the view, filter on a project where actuals exist in the past, as in beyond your actuals time slices start date for dwh assignment actuals.


When I do this, the actuals only show from the time in which the time slice from data exists.  Example, ours starts 7/1/2015, but this is a multi year project, so actuals started back in 2013 (this is very common in services related project). The total actuals to date (wip) are say 27,500.   However, in the ad hoc view, using project summary totals >project>total hours. total actual hours (or even total labor hours, since all of ours are labor), we only get 460, which is the total hours from July 1, 2015, which matches our slice table  If I choose a current project, where actuals did not start until AFTER 7/1/15, then the total actual hours are correct.


It looks like it is hitting the 1000013 slice table. CA had us change our to Quarterly (used to be monthly)  and as we know, your DWH and regular slices must have the same from date and # periods when associated to the same slice such as daily, weekly, etc). This from date, # periods matched our monthly actuals slice table too #4)


I logged a support ticket, and they told me to log an idea to change this, yet they agree the totals should not be dependent on slice tables. I am still waiting to hear confirmation that this actually was designed this way?? So, in order for us to get project actuals (totals), we have to create ANOTHER custom field?  That does not sound reasonable at all, so I did respond that I would reach out to the community to see if there was some misunderstanding.


We are 15.1. patch 3 (test environment).  I can understand the calendar periods, where data is divided by months, etc to depend on the slices, but the project summary values then are useless, if they are designed the same way (slice dependent). Can anyone clarify this? I have attached the upper portion of the Summary totals measures in Ad hoc. The summary total actual hours read from the DWH_INV_SUMMARY_FACTS.ACTUAL_TOTAL_HOURS which is different from the calendar periods. I don't recall this doing this when we first dabbled in ad hoc at 14.4.

 Any ideas or input are appreciated.