Retired APM/ASM/AXA Knowledge Documents April 2017

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Support is working on actively retire or rewrite old knowledge documents. Here is the list for April. Many of these are rewritten so look at the forthcoming new KDs for this month for the updates.


R1. TEC1959465 Agent connecting in disallowed or denied mode
R2. TEC1934116 Not able to launch Introscope Workstation on Windows 1
R3. TEC1768791 Exception seen when using CLW
R4. TEC1764092 addressing arrival buffer full error
R5. TEC1935591 Smartstor tool Heap space problem
R6. TEC1900741 Seeing massive Backend and WebServices metric trees and discovered that using Backend paths do not help remedy the WebService metric explosion.
R7. TEC1718847 Cannot open Excel Documents with Sharepoint Extension enabled.
R8. TEC1450258 Application does not start after agent is added - no application or agent logs created
R9. TEC605138 SERVICE PACK::9.5.1 - Part 3
R10. TEC605686 Agent and EM Version Compatibility
R11. TEC605134 SERVICE PACK::9.5.1 - Part 1
R12. TEC605136 SERVICE PACK::9.5.1 - Part 2
R13. TEC596133 SERVICE PACK::9.1.7
R14. TEC596132 SERVICE PACK::9.1.6
R15. TEC593610 How to instrument CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) Tomcat Application Servers.
R16. TEC593257 Triage Map permission issues when SOI Catalyst Integration is enabled and EEM authorization is used
R17. TEC588643 CA APM Technical Advisory: APM/Introscope 9.1.x Agent Transaction Structure Memory Leak
R18. TEC585503 What issues have been addressed in APM in
R19. TEC576439 PATCH:: What was fixed in APM
R20. TEC576350 PATCH:: What was fixed in APM 9.1.1
R21. TEC576360 CA Wily Technical Advisory: Native Memory Leak on IBM Java 1.6 when using -javaagent
R22. TEC576352 PATCH:: What's new in CA APM 9.0.8
R23. TEC576347 CA APM Technical Advisory: Memory Leak on Linux and HP-UX Platform Monitors
R24. TEC566683 How to configure BRTM 9.5 to monitor HTML pages in Websphere 7
R25. TEC1004225 SERVICE PACK::9.5.2
R26. TEC1288928 SERVICE PACK::9.5.3
R27. TEC1075326 CA APM Master Service Pack List
R28. TEC1431877 Responsefile EULA error on silent install
R29. TEC614226 How can Webview Cache be cleared?
R30. TEC1551793 Agent log has a "JVMCFRE003 bad major version" error message.
R31. TEC595666 Delays when starting up Weblogic application server with agent 9.x
R32. TEC1845647 How does Enterprise Manager (MOM) Failover work internally, how to test it on a single host & what are the differences between PRIMARY-PRIMARY & PRIMARY-SECONDARY
R33. TEC603767 How to disable SOAP and HTTP header injection using JAVA and .NET Agent.
R34. TEC614953 Using unsupported characters in a Java class name produce "Invalid Class path" errors in the agent log.
R35. TEC1870467 A management module does not load after moving a JAR file from one EM to another with different releases.
R36. TEC1573975 Getting the error: System.InvalidProgramException: Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program.
R37. Error running EM installer 'introscope10.1.0.15linuxAMD64.bin'
R38. APM 10.x with highly available (HA)MOMs.
R39. TEC1419874 Configuring Browser Agent to display meaningful names instead of a URL in the Investigator.
R40. TEC1419874 Understanding and configuring Browser Agent to show under Business Segment.
R41. TEC616518 Tim warnings about cannot open files.
R42. TEC604030 Google Chrome browser support for APM Webview and Java workstation Webstart.
R43. TEC596479 Cannot open log file because it is being used by another application.
R44. TEC1748661 Unsupported widgets for Webview.
R45. TEC605253 A .NET 4.0 application running with .NET agent version 9.0.5 installed is not being monitored.
R46. TEC600496 How can I disable the automatic import of services into Executive Insight?
R47. TEC598258 Version 8.2.3 agent Metrics missing On Enterprise Manager (EM)
R48. TEC585504 Minimum Security Requirements to Monitor a Remote WebSphere MB 7.0 Broker or greater
R49. TEC597691 CEM Report Scheduling is not working for Defects Data Report when "Last X Minutes" or "Last N Defects" are chosen in the Range field
R50. TEC566300 Upgrading CA APM agent custom PBDs to the 9.1 new agent architecture