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API Gateway assertion based on header information

Question asked by MohsinSyed on May 2, 2017
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I have created a REST webservice and added it to API gateway. I am trying to restrict access to the webservice based on the header information coming from request. 

I am using Regular Expression Properties and checking for the username in header information. In the next step I am trying to check if the username matches with particular format/name if its success then direct to the webserivce else send error message.


I am new to the API management and looking for following things:
1.  How regular expression works and i do not see much information in the documentation. In this case i want to restrict access based on the user name. Please see the screenshot 1.
2.  I have configured the logs but not able to see anything in the logs in API gateway, do I need to configure anything else?

3. How to debug the assertions step by step in API Gateway?



I do not want to user OAuth or HTTP basic authorization for different reasons.

What i am doing is not the right way,  then please guide me.


Note: Please see the screenshots.